Seven secrets of 21st Century Recruiters!

  1. Naturally Qualified – Not everyone make a good recruiter; for us hiring comes within; Recruiters are the only one accredited and love to hear more & more about what you have achieved in past.
  2. Recruiters persuade! – Sure; happened may of times for you and may thought we recruiters Upsell.  Attempt an understanding between Sales and Recruitment. Recruiters specialize a point and salesmen generalize an item. Aren’t.
  3. Our suggestions are priceless – Don’t ask a recruiter “How is the Job Market” market is bear & bull always like a stock market; Instead ask “Where is the market now?  If you know… Pace it.
  4. We bull’s-eye Self-Spammers – Claiming 100% on their resumes but not able to prove most. Don’t self-spam your resume. To be very simple “Knowledge is free in 21st Century but wisdom?
  5. Resume is not a Resume anymore – Hereon dude recruiters will take journey on your internets. ; We interface resume your Quora answers, Medium posts, we fork your Git (not technically) and of course travel on your tweets.
  6. 10 Seconds myth – It myth Recruiters will look at a resume only 10 to 30 seconds. Generally not. We take at least 3 to 5 minutes to validate a resume and to understand better more of you. No more Ctrl + f.
  7. Beyond HR languages – Yes we speak HR & understand Business language; equipped to understand “Beyond Job Descriptions” and validate vision of hiring; very few founders knows it though.

Writing while recruiting for admiring companies, lovely startups and after interacting with super cool corporate recruiters & co-founders.


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