"We love listening visionary talks, success stories, people & culture of every customer",That is all we know.
Arul Murugan
Head of Growth, Rectras


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Our core values

To Term

We are recruitment specialists, we work with our customer vision and purpose.On our service it’s often clarity that counts.

To People

For us Customer Brand = Vision of the Product + People Values on it.

To Trust

We understand relationship is built on Freedom, Honesty and Empathy and by demonstrating it

To Serve

We rise by simply lifting people and we are what we repeatedly do new

To Listen

Humbly we are in recruitment industry to hear and communicate what is not said yet.

To Innovate

We innovate our service to be simple to your business and sense of achievement on all our work.

Our goal

  • To promote modern agency recruitment culture. B2R – Business to Recruiters.
  • To give and receive memorable hiring experience to employers.  
  • To simply HR recruitment, Systems, feedback mechanism and Tools.
  • Advocate resourcefulness. 
  • Recruitment Full-stacking  
of management background recruiters
of Fullstack Recruiters
Quality delivery

Hiring the best and the most important task in our business.

Our recruitment team has partnered with technology companies also we work with cross functional teams and industries like bioinformatics, IOT, Telecommunications etc. We grow by SIMPLY lifting people.