RECTRAS | Management Intern – MBA,MSW -HR

Internship is for Rectras office.

Department: Technical Recruitment
Project Location(s): Rectras,Chennai

Attitude before Skills  

  1. Ready to explore recruitment Start-Up ecosystem; bringing new ideas, contribute by collaborating with recruiters.
  2. Open minded personality to learn new things from Industry & for yourself.
  3. Undertake new avenues in recruitment, client management, finance and business development.
  4. Should be a Good Listener, Focused Team Player, Optimistic, Social and upbeat person.


  1. Have basic understanding in management concepts of Human Resources.
  2. Should able to communicate well in English.
  3. Excellent in using Microsoft Word,Excel and Internet technologies.


  1. Minimum of UG/PG Management – Final Semester


  1. Our office will retain well performing Management Interns for Fulltime employment after degree completion.

Our Customer Development Manager will respond it quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

Product Manager - BI, Leading Datascience Firm

Speak to our recruiters for details.