RJC312 | Full Stack Engineer-Java

For leading Product Development Company 

Department: Information Technology
Project Location(s): Bengaluru,India
Education: Any Degree

Job Title                                    :           Full Stack Engineer-Java

Mandatory Required Skills       :           Expertise in J2ee, Modern JS – Angular.js, Node.js/ react.js

Years of Experience                 :           4 years – 5 years


  1. Ensure solutions are robust and technically fit for purpose and in line with inhouse technology strategy.
  2. Ensure solutions achieve the required quality standards through close collaboration with the QA team, including pairing with Test Developers when required.
  3. Ensure solutions delivered include synthetic testing and/or application monitoring where applicable.
  4. Work closely with Operations and Support teams to ensure delivery of efficient monitoring, alerting and runbooks.
  5. Collaborate with business analysts & product owners to contribute to the definition and understanding of incoming requirements.
  6. Own the development of functionality from accepting a story through to delivery into Production environments
  7. Work as part of an agile team implementing softwaredevelopment best practices.

Skills and Experience – Required

  1. Strong fundamental development skills
  2. Strong Javaknowledge with preferably Java 8
  3. A willingness to learn new technologies and languages
  4. An understanding of how to design APIs and build REST­based web services
  5. Hands on experience with a Servlet container, preferably Apache Tomcat 6.0 / Jetty & Dropwizard
  6. An understanding of Event Driven Architecture
  7. A passion for TDD with an exposure to a variety of testing techniques and frameworks.


  1. Experience working within an environment where operational support and monitoring of code & systems is part of the culture.
  2. Hands on experience across XML, JSON and HTML(5).
  3. Any use of technology tooling such as Jenkins, Nagios, Splunk, Puppet
  4. Understanding of the principles of continuous delivery, Micro service architectures and Server-less architecture

Our Customer Development Manager will respond it quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

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