RJC444 | Senior DevOps Engineer

For a Global leading Product Development Company 

Department: Information Technology
Project Location(s): Bangalore
Education: Any Degree
  1. Devops, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jenkins, Terraform , Bash, shell
  2. 3+ years DevOps scripting experience using Python or similar scripting language
  3. 3+ years AWS infrastructure working experience including the usage of VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, ECR, Lambda, API Gateway, Route 53, ElastiCache
  4. 3+ years working with container based technologies including the usage of Docker, EKS, ECS
  5. 1+ years working with Kubernetes and Kubernetes scripting using KOPS or similar technology
  6. 1+ years AWS Cloudformation or Terraform programming experience
  7. 3+ years experience building Ci/CD pipeline using Jenkins, CircleCI, CodeBuild, CodePipeline
  8. 3+ years GitHub experience
  9. Experience using Jenkins is a plus
  10. Design and develop the automation to build our AWS based server side  infrastructure
  11. Design and develop the automation for our Ci/CD pipeline
  12. Research and suggest new products, applications and protocols
  13. Stay up-to-date with new technology trends. Passionate about your work with a desire to problem-solve
  14. Comfortable working across a broad range of technologies
  15. Positive attitude, willing to learn and take on challenges
  16. Desire to take ownership and technical leadership skills

Our Customer Development Manager will respond it quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

Product Manager - BI, Leading Datascience Firm


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