Permanent Hiring

Permanent Hiring targets professionals in job market who match not only the technical requirements of the role but importantly match the CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS of the organization. Permanent Hiring is committed to fulfilling the huge demands of human resources from larger organizations and we are able to deliver the resources promptly for a continued Workforce.

Permanent Hiring process does consume extended period to find resources from market and we easily overcome challenges by finding shorted lead timers by In-House Databases, Professional Networking and Social Engagements without compromising on the Quality of Resources and Time.

Our in-house designed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) & Due Diligence enable our recruiters to have hands on Source Path of deliveries which will bring Quality on our Permanent Hiring service.

our perm hire volume

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare & Lifescience
  • Energy
  • BPM
  • Functional Empowerment

*chart represent our permanent hiring volumes across practices.

Employer Advantages

Our clients are often surprised by our hiring possibilities ; by our turn around time and resource quality we deliver. And advantages of Permanent Hiring are

  • Resource readiness for projects.
  • Inhouse resources database across domains.
  • Reaching passive aspirants.
  • Focused resources
  • Bench-marking

Frequently asked questions - For Applicants

Permanent hiring is method of hiring by organizations for their long term projects, business or activity. Usually by companies which carries long term vision for resources.

While an employer choose to hire a resource permanently each organization have of there own assessment methods,qualification criteria, experience and budget fitment. Also, in this model aspirant have to undergo few or more cultural tests to check on attitude.

Since you choose to apply for a permanent opportunity a complete due diligence about the company is much recommended. By navigating website of the particular company, linkedin and social media pages of the organization.

We recommended “Recruitment Agencies” while applying for permanent positions. Our job is to touch-base with job market so recruitment consultant knows the readiness of employer hiring.

We suggest you to write an email with your queries.

Permanent hiring services by company is absolutely free for applicants who are undergoing with our identity.

Cracking Permanent Placements

An organization business have strong mandates for permanent position fulfillment, hiring mangers or stakeholder of a business vertical will not compromise on quality undoubtedly on Skill,Attitude and Future fitment.Below given areas where job applicants can overlook before a looking out for a job.

  • Attitude –  Prepare attitude before resume, you are about to leave comfort zone. 
  • Information – Familiar about practices used by organization and their vision.
  • People – Intelligence of having some details of key people and their achievements. 
  • Culture  – Human Resources, Policies,Work Pattern, Benefits and Transfers. 
  • Process – Well aware about interview process, levels and assessment methods.
  • Feedback – Collect the feedback with same channel that you have applied job. 
  • Plan – Plan for a long term career while applying for Permanent positions.

Hiring & Applicant sentiment

  • Job Seeker Sentiments
  • Hiring Sentiments

Send detailed email about your requirements, our Customer Development Manager will be in touch with you quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

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