Remote Recruitment


Remote Recruitment

As we write this, we have seen rapid changes in hopes of confinement to a regime of social aggression distancing. As a result, many organisations are forced to switch to remote work, and to a much faster pace than any sensible person recommends. So here Remote Recruitment where the 100% recruitment experience remains the same other than meeting individuals at your office.

We are approached by many pharmaceutical, warehouse, grocery e-commerce companies, around India to find resources amid pandemic. In fact that hiring pace was increased by 67% by specifically from those industries. In fact technology companies supporting majorly on pharmaceutical was on hiring spree.

Advantages of Remote Recruitment

The changing volatility of hiring needs within organizations will have increased hiring mandates between pandemic to ensure business continuity . Our on demand Remote Recruitment engagements will enable HRO’s to meet recruitment demand on the go.

  • Hiring Comfort – Start interviewing peoples from your home or work nature.
  • Time Saving – Save ample time by meeting individuals any time
  • Scalable – Plug or Unplug demands at anytime of hires.
  • Quality – Authenticate the quality by visual charts provided by us.
  • Automate  – We are on all hands for remote recruitment by using world class tools.

Frequently asked questions

Remote Recruitment  is a modern advanced hiring method or process adopted by organizations to engage recruitment agencies for Business continuity to meet Resource demands within the company. Complete process is through remote from interviewing to on boarding.

9-hours, This 9-hours to evaluate customer vendor competencies other than that enterprise or companies can engage recruitment agencies at no time Nothing changes the traditional recruitment agency process. In fact remote recruitment is more agile.

No, Recruitment agencies will adopt to ongoing process or tools within enterprise to support the recruiters. All reporting system and recruitment process remains the same as earlier.

This model is more effective on pandemic times or countries lock down period Without affecting existing hiring speed to meet financial year hiring goals.

Remote recruitment or remote hiring model was hugely uptrend in the current market scenario which may overtake and obvious process of recruitment in a decades Time.

Rectras using world-class tools like Gsuite, Hangouts, Zoom, Trello, Slack etc to support our customers and Will adapt to different ATS Based on the customer process.

Send detailed email about your requirements, our Customer Development Manager will be in touch with you quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

Product Manager - BI, Leading Datascience Firm

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a recruitment professional, wait until you hire and amateur.”

Red Adair