Arul Murugan Customer Development, Partnerships and Recruitment

areas of expertise
  • Customer Development
  • Operations
  • Delivery
  • Team Management
  • Recruitment
  • MSW, Bharathidasan University 
  • Labour Law from Madhurai Kamaraj University.
  • Design Thinking from University of Virginia – MOOC

10 fullest years of experience in recruiting for Investment Banking, Health care, Telecom, Product Development, Information Technology industry hiring. Handled key business units of  Dassault Systems, Motorola and Almoayed group. Empathizing Vision of Founders,CEO’s, Senior VP’s and Hiring Authorities of visionary organizations

Innovation in recruitment services industry was major workout done by Arul and trying to bridge business managers with recruitment by design thinking.

Before founding Rectras  in 2016, Arul worked with technology startup Quadruple and was instrumental scaling up resources for inhouse hiring and recruitment business P&L was reporting to CEO.


  • Seven secrets of 21st Century Recruiters!

    Naturally Qualified – Not everyone make a good recruiter; for us hiring comes within; Recruiters are the only one accredited and love to hear more & more about what you have achieved in past. Recruiters persuade! – Sure; happened may of times for you and may thought we recruiters Upsell.  Attempt an understanding between Sales and Recruitment. Recruiters

    September 11, 2017

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