Hiring playbook for recruiters – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made a severe shock to the world. As i am writing this blog, we’ve seen rapid switches from hopes of containment to a regime of aggressive social distancing.The result, many organisations including enterprises, start-up and R&D companies change the way of hiring and meeting applicants virtually.

At Rectras, the last two years have allowed us to gain experience in remote recruitment or remote hiring at a rather more easy pace. We’ve set up many cross-continental development teams By remote hiring alone and thus made me to recommend Hiring playbook for recruiters – Coronavirus (COVID-19) these recommendations will be useful and we hope you article useful.

1.Trello – I personally a call Trello as mindboard for recruiters. Majorly this is used by many product development teams for agile kanban teams. This helps to fix our mind on what we are doing and we find many hidden features in this tool while we started working on it.Explore more as a recruiter you will not find anything missing on your timeline.

2.Google Drive – This is very wonderful and obvious Drive where many of the product and RND start-up companies using this very effectively.But recruiters are very slow in adopting to Google Drive where there are spectacular options in Google Drive where recruiters collaborate with hiring managers in efficient manner.

3.Slack – is the major communication tool we are using for the past four years.The integrations are very easy and quick.Slack is very motivating to use within any size of team or beyond also.Recruiters can handle vendor or RPO teams and external agencies from a single place

4.Coggle – This is a very simple and very basic mind mapping tool with more features at a free.I started wondering while doing a design thinking MOOC course What recruiters have more for mind mapping in design thinking arena.But believe me this tool brings lot of new perspective in recruitment thinking.

5.Hubspot – One of the superfast CRM For the teams which are in business development and sales recruitment.I’m sure anyone going to like it from the day one.

We recommend recruiters and HR teams to do your due diligence on any tools that you are downloading it from Internet before using and rolling out to teams. Stay safe and keep social-distancing during this pandemic.

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