RJC499 | Product Manager – Consumer Facing

Department: Product Development
Project Location(s): Bangalore
Education: Any Degree

1. 2+ years experience in defining and publishing successful products, proven experience in interacting with customers to understand their problems.
2. A great working knowledge of coaching tools, technology and entrepreneurship is a considerable advantage.
3. Passionate about the education industry and is eager to make a difference in Indian education.
4. Play a vital role in creating products to solve customer and business problems.
5. Create experiences that will transform the way consumers discover tutors.
6. Involves understanding the consumer’s needs before making decisions.
7. Customer information with data to create pleasant interactions between the user and the product.
8. Product manager with strong interests and abilities in the development of engaging user experiences products.
9. Succumb to a work environment that requires strong client empathy, problem-solving skills, and management autonomy, as well as the ability for team collaboration and open communication.
10. Extensive experience in a dynamic and innovative product development environment manager will work closely with the product manager
11. The work requires strong ownership, up-to-date knowledge of mobile and web experiences, and a professional approach to time, cost and time.
12. Work with company stakeholders to understand their issues and define a roadmap for solving problems
13. Understand consumer issues through data analysis and regular customer interactions
14. Think about different use cases to create user paths and detailed wired structures
15. Provide solutions through detailed requirements documents for Web, mobile web and mobile application.
16. Work closely with the design team to get the final models in time
17. Work closely with the technology team to get the features implemented on time according to the defined solution
18. Conduct regular competitive analysis and identify areas of differentiation

Our Customer Development Manager will respond it quickly.

Ours a data driven company and few concepts are new to Indian job market where recruiters can’t even understand or find resources, i outsourced after couple of discussions. Rectras had a decent closure in data and hope they fulfill our infra positions.

Product Manager - BI, Leading Datascience Firm


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