RJC669 | Creative Content Writer

Looking forward to hire Creative Content Writer for early-stage start-up in Chennai. The start-up have both service line and the product line.Interested candidates shall apply with your resume and portfolios.

Department: Information Technology
Project Location(s): Chennai
Education: Any Degree
Compensation: Industry Standards
  1. The candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in content writing roles. The candidate should have at least 1 year of experience in a content marketing role. He does not need to have played a formal role, but practical content marketing skills are required.
  2. Must have specialized knowledge in more than one sector and, over time, be willing to be flexible and move between sectors.
  3. Able to comfortably communicate with editors via email and video calls depending on the situation. Able to communicate fluently – both verbally and in writing.
  4. Must be a team player, dedicated to demonstrating excellent leadership qualities and abilities.
  5. We are looking for Creative Content Writers to write engaging and relevant content for websites, blogs, articles, landing pages, product descriptions, and social media platforms.
  6. Create content specifically designed to capture the attention of a particular target audience.
  7. You will write user-centric content that is authoritative and valuable to the end user and meets content marketing goals.
  8. Conduct research on a specific industry to fully understand the main weak points of users with the ability to convey these key points in a topic and article.
  9. Prepare well-structured articles using content management systems such as WordPress.
  10. Analyze a blog / website with the ability to identify content gaps. Conduct in-depth research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new types of content.
  11. Write articles in a conversational tone that readers of our potential websites will appreciate.
  12. Conduct keyword research and use SEO best practices to increase traffic to the company’s website.
  13. Create a compelling headline, headlines, and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience.
  14. Identify customer needs with recommendations on new content to fill gaps in current business content.
  15. Proofread the content for errors and inconsistencies. Edit and refine existing content to improve readability.
  16. Engage in conversations with users in comments, Facebook groups, forums, and other social media to understand user demand. Use content marketing strategies to promote your article.