Employer FAQs

Things You Need to Know and We Know You Need

  • 01. What Recruitment Services Does Rectras Offer Employers?

    Rectras offers a range of recruitment services to employers, including permanent hiring, contract staffing, executive search, GDC (Global Delivery Center) hiring, ODC (Offshore Development Center) hiring, and startup hiring.

  • 02. Which are industry domains Rectras have hired in past?

    Rectras recruiters have extensive prior experience working across various industry domains, including BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), Investment Banking, IT Services, Healthcare, Automotive AI, SaaS (Software as a Service), Cybersecurity, HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), E-Commerce, Travel, and Edutech (Educational Technology) and Fintech (Financial Technology)

  • 03. Which technology domains have Rectras recruiters worked In?

    Rectras recruiters have worked with various technology domains, including Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Fullstack development, DevOps, SMAC technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud), open-source technologies, and Information Security. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of tech areas to assist you in finding the right talent for your needs.

  • 04. How can I initiate the process of engaging Rectras for internal hiring at my company?

    “It’s easy! Just submit your job order form, and you can expect a call or email from our client onboarding executive within a day.”

  • 05. What is it beneficial to submit a job order?

    To streamline the process and save time for both parties, our recruitment agency conducts a thorough evaluation of your organization’s specific parameters. This proactive approach helps us eliminate market and brand bottlenecks before commencing the recruitment process.

  • 06. What is the Turnaround Time (TAT) of Rectras?

    The Turnaround Time (TAT) at Rectras can vary depending on the complexity of the recruitment project and the specific requirements. Our team is committed to delivering efficient and timely results. To get a precise estimate of TAT for your particular recruitment needs, please reach out to us, and our team will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

  • 07. What are Rectras Pre-Validated Resumes?

    Rectras’ pre-validated resumes are candidate resumes that undergo a thorough review by our recruiters, with each candidate receiving 15 to 30 minutes of dedicated evaluation before reaching your internal screening process.

  • 08. What are the General Terms and Conditions to engage us?

    Our General Terms and Conditions are tailored to the specific recruitment solutions we offer, and we aim to provide rates that are competitive with the best in the Indian recruitment market.

  • 09.Does Rectras provide services or hire for industries other than IT?

    Certainly, our recruitment team manages roles in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Logistics, Finance Operations, and Human Resources positions within your company.