Permanent Hiring

Experience Enduring Success with Our Permanent Hiring Solutions. Let Rectras Find Your Next Great Hire for a Stronger Tomorrow!
Rectras have a robust recruiter network spanning Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Gurgaon, ensuring comprehensive coverage across key locations of India.

Permanent Hiring

Unlock Company's Future with Permanent Talents

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Permanent staffing is the cornerstone of building a dedicated, skilled, and lasting workforce that aligns with a company's long-term goals. It ensures stability, reduces turnover costs, and fosters a sense of commitment among employees.

By matching skills and values, it creates a culture of loyalty and enhances employee satisfaction. This approach allows businesses to strategically grow while complying with labor laws and offering focused employee development. In essence, permanent staffing is the pathway to a thriving, enduring workforce that contributes to sustained organizational success


Genuine Recruiter Verification's

Our Roles
  • > 30 mins Validation
  • > Project Verification
  • > 80% JD Matching
  • > Customer Branding

Interview Schedules

Our Roles
  • > Active & Passive
  • > Multiple Interviews
  • > Stakeholder Talks
  • > Feedback Loops

Enhance Offer Acceptance

HR Roles
  • > Fixed Benefits
  • > Buyout Notice
  • > Joining Bonus
  • > Competing Offer

We discover niche talents, for you to own!

Engage specialized talents to enhance your products or services, align them with your organizational vision, and increase your company's profitability by bringing them onto your permanent payroll, complete with mutual employer-employee benefits.

  • Lateral Hiring
  • ODC Hiring
  • Volume Hiring
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Lateral Hiring

Attract top-notch, seasoned professionals externally to infuse your team with diverse skills and expertise including refills and replacement.

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ODC Hiring

Unlock global software development talent with our ODC hiring solutions. Streamline your recruitment process and access top remote developers through our expert recruiters.

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Volume Hiring

Streamlining the recruitment process to efficiently onboard a large number of candidates, optimizing workforce expansion for your organization's growth.

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Benefits of Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing offers businesses lasting solutions by bringing onboard committed, skilled professionals who align seamlessly with the company's long-term goals, fostering stability and growth.

  • Trusted Talent

    Reliability and expertise you can count on for lasting success.

  • Culture Integration

    Fostering harmony by aligning values within your organizational framework.

  • Stable Workforce

    Building resilience and continuity for long-term business growth.

  • Sharing Vision

    Uniting individuals through a common purpose and forward-thinking goals.

  • Team Cohesion

    Synergy among members fuels collective achievement and productivity.

  • Nextgen Leader

    Nurturing emerging leaders to shape a dynamic future.