Start-Up Hiring

Nurturing Startup Success: From VC-Funded Ventures to Bootstrapped Pioneers, We Source Top Talent for Every Stage of Your Entrepreneurial Journey at Rectras.

Start-Up Hiring

Your Start-Up, Our Expertise:
Talent Unleashed

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At Rectras, we empower start-up hiring success with a dynamic approach, catering to A, B, C Series-funded ventures, as well as bootstrapped startups.

Our mission is to connect visionary entrepreneurs and co-founders with top-tier talent,offering competitive packages that include enticing ESOP options. Together, we're building the future of innovation.


Strategic Talent Mapping

We Network
  • > AngelList
  • > LinkedIn
  • > Stack-overflow
  • > Quora

Entrepreneurial Screening

We Question
  • > Growth Mindset
  • > Resilience
  • > Tech Adaptability
  • > Perseverance


We Test
  • > Fundamentals
  • > Pragmatic
  • > Code Quality
  • > Mentoring Abilities

Assemble Your Startup Dream Team:
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At Rectras, we embrace the 'Every Employee is a Co-Founder' mindset. We meticulously screen each applicant, seeking individuals who embody this entrepreneurial spirit, fostering a culture of innovation and shared ownership.

  • Hackathon Hiring
  • Problem Statement
  • Behavioral Interviews
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Hackathon Hiring

Competitive events where programmers and developers solve complex problems and algorithms under time constraints, testing their problem-solving and coding skills.

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Problem Statement

Problem statement hiring is a recruitment approach where candidates are evaluated based on their ability to analyze, solve, and present solutions to real-world problems relevant to the job role.

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Behavioral Interviews

Startup hiring involve asking candidates to share past experiences and how they've handled specific situations, helping recruiters assess their problem-solving, interpersonal, and cultural fit qualities within the dynamic startup environment.


Benefits of Startup Hiring

Startup hiring provides businesses with agility, allowing rapid talent acquisition and flexibility to scale as needed, while candidates gain exposure to diverse roles, fostering a dynamic skill set and entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Versatile Candidates

    Those who bring adaptability and diverse skill sets to the table, making them valuable assets.

  • Agile Talent

    Agile talent recruitment focuses on identifying and onboarding professionals who can swiftly align with a startup's evolving needs and goals.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Entrepreneurial mindset hiring seeks candidates who share the passion, initiative, and innovative thinking needed to drive startup success.

  • Skillful Selections

    Here we emphasizes the careful choice of candidates with the precise skills and expertise that align with a startup's unique demands and vision

  • Innovative Partner

    Startup recruiting involves identifying candidates who can bring fresh ideas, collaborative spirit, and creative solutions to drive the company's growth.

  • Rapid Matches

    Enable swift connections between candidates and job opportunities, ensuring timely placements and agility in talent acquisition.