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RJC921 | Cloud Security Architect-AWS


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The Cloud Security Architect-AWS role is a pivotal position within our organization, tasked with ensuring the security and integrity of our cloud environments. This role demands expertise in cloud security solutions, cloud architecture, and a comprehensive understanding of key cloud providers and orchestration tools. The Cloud Security Architect will lead efforts to identify and mitigate risks, design and implement secure cloud solutions, and enforce compliance with industry standards and regulations. If you possess a strong background in cloud security, a knack for secure architecture, and the ability to stay at the forefront of evolving cybersecurity practices, we invite you to join us in safeguarding our cloud infrastructure and data assets.

Key Responsibilities

  • A minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and operationalizing cloud security solutions and infrastructure as Cloud Security Architect-AWS.
  • Demonstrated expertise as a senior security architect in prior roles, with substantial exposure to security and enterprise technology within global industrial sectors, including Software Development and financial services.
  • In-depth knowledge and comprehension of the distinctive features among leading cloud provider solutions and cloud orchestration tools, such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, and more.
  • Strong domain expertise in cloud infrastructure components, encompassing compute, network, storage, and mastery of the cloud control plane.
  • Proficiency in virtualization, containerization, service mesh technologies, and understanding of enterprise service business dynamics.
  • Proven experience with structured Enterprise Architecture practices, including successful involvement in hybrid cloud deployments and on-premises-to-cloud migration projects.
  • The ability to identify and proactively address risks in both public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Extensive experience in designing, implementing, and delivering security solutions for cloud-native, distributed computing, and architectural projects, guided by the core principle of “Secure by Design.”
  • Expertise in performing Threat Modeling and generating security architectural requirements for collaboration with software development and product teams.
  • A commitment to ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards pertaining to cyber defense and incident response.
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively with legal, compliance, and risk management teams to address comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection requirements.
  • Familiarity with common information security and risk management frameworks, including Mitre ATT&CK, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 2700x, ITIL, COBIT, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or Centre for Internet Security (CIS) frameworks.
  • A broad understanding of the cybersecurity threat landscape and a track record of dealing with cybersecurity incidents and implementing associated response measures.
  • Strategic and tactical knowledge of adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and oral, coupled with adept project management abilities.
  • Advanced and deep-seated experience in Enterprise Security and Secure Software Development, encompassing strategy development and collaborative customer engagement.

Basic Qualifications

  • Possess a minimum of four years of experience in implementing and operationalizing cloud security solutions and infrastructure.
  • Lead and manage the Threat Prevention teams, overseeing Perimeter & Network Security, Server, Endpoint & Mobile Security, Cloud Security, and Data Loss/Leakage Prevention (DLP).
  • Implement and maintain a robust security framework, including AWS Cloud Security Solutions, next-generation firewalls, application firewall/DDoS protection, container security, and the Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Configure, deploy, and provide ongoing support for security software and systems to ensure compliance within AWS cloud environments.
  • Continuously update and enhance security tools for logging, monitoring, and expanding the coverage of existing security mechanisms.
  • Conduct comprehensive security assessments and audits to identify and address vulnerabilities proactively.
  • Develop and maintain documentation, policies, and procedures related to data security to establish a secure operating environment.
  • Stay informed about compliance regulations, laws, and industry standards related to cyber defense and incident response, ensuring adherence to relevant requirements.
  • Collaborate closely with legal, compliance, and risk management teams to address cybersecurity and data protection requirements effectively.
  • Create and implement metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of cyber defense operations.
  • Lead the planning, design, implementation, testing, and operation of cyber security processes and systems.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Cyber Security to develop and mature the Threat Prevention Strategy, including the selection of appropriate tools and the establishment of efficient processes.
  • Promote and apply best practices in security engineering and operations across threat prevention controls.
  • Manage a team of cybersecurity professionals responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats.
  • Oversee the daily operations of cyber defense systems, including perimeter and network security, intrusion detection systems (IDS), endpoint detection and response (EDR/MDR) tools, and data loss prevention (DLP) mechanisms.
  • Ensure the establishment of effective incident response processes and procedures, encompassing incident triage, containment, investigation, and remediation.
  • Facilitate coordination with internal teams and external partners for the exchange of threat intelligence and collaborative incident response efforts.
  • Monitor and analyze security event logs, network traffic, and system behavior to identify potential security incidents or breaches.
  • Implement and manage advanced security monitoring tools and technologies to enhance threat detection capabilities and overall security posture.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Preferably with one or more of the related certification in the areas of Cyber Security/Information Security – CISSP, CEH, CISM, Comptia CYSA+, GIAC GCFA, GCTI, GCIH and GREM or other relevant certifications.
  • Possess a minimum of four years of hands-on experience in implementing and operationalizing cloud security solutions and infrastructure.
  • Lead and manage multiple Threat Prevention teams, including Perimeter & Network Security, Server, Endpoint & Mobile Security, Cloud Security, and Data Loss/Leakage Prevention (DLP).
  • Solutions Architect – Associate or Professional.
  • AWS Security Specialty.